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Windows (bloody) 10!!!!

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Can I just moan on about bloody windows here?


Compiling nice and straight, then up pops 'windows must restart'. NO I DONT WANT TO RESTART.

So windows get narky and blacks the entire screen and suspends compiling. Need to shut down the app and restart.

Way to go MS....!!!!!

Naughty Alien:

Go Macs... (Snow leopard) boots up in a flash, it's as quiet as the proverbial mouse and has never kept me waiting while it updates. The perfect programming platform or what, have fun cps.

Steve Elliott:
Hmm, this just seems like fake news in my eyes.  I've never had this problem.

Windows says I need to update, I say not yet and that is the end of the matter.

My windows restart depend on an update without to ask me.
I never had this before but....okay it was in energy-safe mode.
But I am surprised by this behavior.


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