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Re: Logic Question
« Reply #150 on: September 12, 2019, 08:04:14 PM »
From my journal...this morning.....

Auditory Hallucinations - sirens - since Nov 2017? - 2019-09-12

Auditory Hallucinations - sirens - since Nov 2017?

It is possible, interestingly enough, that I may have been having
auditory hallucinations since between 2017 and 2018 some time.

See, there are these sirens I hear from time to time - like fire
trucks, police and ambulance, all at once, that come at various times
- as if there is a major accident or event happening...but I never see
or hear anything on the news about it.

And then....I decided to record the sirens one morning when they came
on and......

The recording captured nothing.....?

In fact within about 3-4 seconds of starting the recording the sirens
suddenly ceased.

But yes - these sirens that I hear - and which others have verified
they hear too - do not seem yet to record easily on a mobile recording

Which is interesting since the recording device does pick up planes
overhead and such as well.

Here is the audio clip.....

Link to Audio

It goes for 6 seconds, is almost entirely silent except for a funny
spike that is there about a second into the clip....I tried enlarging
this spike and it just comes out as a weird sinusoidal wave of sorts
with some noise preceding it....but it is not a siren.


So..next time these sirens come I will try and capture them
again....and if we find they do not occur then we have something
interesting to play with....


*Note Nov 2017 is the first recorded instance of me mentioning these
sirens on my journal.

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Re: Logic Question
« Reply #151 on: September 30, 2019, 01:42:31 AM »
From my journal and emajl...

Greetings....here is a nice joke for you and a solution for homelessness.

There is a federal crime that carries a 10 year prison sentence which involves no action violent or otherwise.

It is called "conspiracy to impede justice" and it simply requires two or more participants hatch a plan, no more-just a plan, to impede the justice system.

Then what you do is the person who wants the free feed and housing for 10 years has the other person inform upon them.

The legal system is then bound to punish them with free food and housing (in a jail) without any victim or harm being done to anyone.

All you need are plans and two people to discuss them, and then one informs on the other.

Homelessness in this city can be solved! ;-)

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Re: Logic Question
« Reply #152 on: September 30, 2019, 09:11:20 AM »
If the seriousness of the plan is in question - or people were drunk (which happens with homeless people...) then the law will judge differently.

Else you could always steal a can of beans, say filthy words to a police officer and then do not pay the fee - the fee can always (at least in Germany) be paid by staying in prison for a while.

But at least for Germany I have to say: nobody here is forced to sleep under bridges - there are homes you can have, there are employment centers who pay a base money for a living (some hundred euros per month) to each unemployed who is _willed_ to apply for jobs. So as long as you are not so much drug addicted that you do not care for such things, you have the chance to at least get money for food and a free room to live - of course it is harder to get a appartment _once_ you were homeless for some time (your appearance shocks the landlord) so you would need to first apply for such special "hostel" like buildings for people like the homeless ones.

This is only valid for Germany - and stuff gets more and more loosened to avoid being abused so much. We call it "Soziales Auffangnetz" (Social net to catch one from falling).

Same to say for stuff like health insurance - if you are unemployed (see above) then state pays your basic health insurance - same for the family (kids or other no-income-people in your family). Many health insurance companies even pay for dental care which means the dentist is really polishing your teeth, cleaning, ... and so on. There is no reason for ugly yellow brownish teeth which drop out on first contact.
So if people are willed they could avoid that homeless-ugly-bloke-thing you might know from US movies.

As said, only valid for Germany - but assume other North-Western-European countries are similar.


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Re: Logic Question
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