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Most used screen resolution in 2018

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What do you think is the most commonly used screen resolution today?

The idea is to establish a resolution in my overall project so that it can run smoothly on third-party computers.

See the info here:

This shows what people are actually using.  1920x1080 is most popular.

As a rule of thumb, I would try to do 1366x768 and up.  1366x768 is the hugely popular 15" laptop screen size. 

I try to center everything in the middle 1024x600 pixels of the screen.  Either that or you have to use scaling. 

Thanks You!!  :)

even if you allow the user to choose the resolution he wants, a safe approach is to make your game in a way that it can work with a resolution which is compatible with most computers (800x600 1024x768), if some users have a larger screen, good for them, but don't expect that for all users...

Agree with remid,  a similar thread was running last year where I think the main thrust concerned the new aspect ratios. As for me I have only just stopped providing support for 640*480 and now make 800*600 my min res. You can always allow users to pick a resolution from the opening screen. (using screen max resolution detect to set limits) have fun cps.


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