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Author Topic: My Mistake..  (Read 826 times)

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My Mistake..
« on: January 23, 2018, 03:30:21 PM »
I've made a big mistake when I started programming..
I went too deep too fast..
now im changing approach.
I will still continue big projects..
but I will also release and investigate small stuff, Instead of keeping it all to myself, which is an error..

I would off course make it if i hadn't had the Screen Tiredness Issue..  that prevents me from thinking clearly and so on.. but that's another story..

Also I admit.. I heed my Ideas because I didn't want others to copy me, but sometimes you have to pay a price.

I also want to mention about the new ClearInk technology For paperlike displays..
which is much more promising than E-Ink.
If everything goes well, we will soon have paperlike monitors if the industry wont try to kill it off from Greed or similar evil reasons..

The next thing I'm gonna present is my concept for an IDE..
I will work on a little prototype and share it with you guys..

I always complaint that IDE's sucks.. and ill show my approach very soon.

Besides that, I can't even start counting how many ideas in my head screaming for executions.

For Example: I was working on a BluePrint programing concept way before Unreal Engine came out..
                    But a single person with limitations and eye tiredness cannot make face such challenges successfully

Any way.. I'm gonna try :)

The GameEditor is still my main project 

Now i'm gonna share stuff in middle of process as I should have

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