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Author Topic: MiniC N.Edition (JS-like scripting language)  (Read 1807 times)

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MiniC N.Edition (JS-like scripting language)
« on: November 20, 2017, 10:37:41 PM »
Originally developed by r1sc, a bit, MiniC N.Edition is my significantly enhanced version of a Javascript-like scripting language for Monkey X/Cerberus X.

Source Code:

After Monkey X development was officially halted I had halted plans to continue development of this project. However, since seeing such steady and reliable development of Cerberus X and the update to JungleIDE, I've decided to pick it up again. I'll attempt to stomp out bugs in the next few weeks and hopefully make it more stable.

11/29/2017: Okay, so after much deliberation I'm going to make a new language entirely taking principles from lots of different languages. Aside from that, I'm writing an entirely new parser. The current new language's design will require two passes to compile the language and the parser started by the original creator of MiniC is not easily scalable. This is a lot of work and I'm writing it for C# 1st, then I will port to Cerberus. The new language's design supports actual classes, interfaces, and almost all of the features from MiniC plus new ones like first-class support for set theory operations. There will be some things MiniC has that it won't.

12/16/2017: Progress on it is slow. Writing it from the ground up is quite difficult. I also wanted to mention that I tried to edit the source for MiniC N.Edition, but my current laptop cannot handle it. My main machine is down and that's causing issues for me to be able to use Jungle IDE with huge files, like that of "vm.cxs". So my current focus for the new language's code is to make the classes as compact as possible to prevent me from having issues porting it. I'll have an update soon.
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