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Author Topic: Trick Or Sweets (Halloween Compo entry)  (Read 4012 times)

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Re: Trick Or Sweets (Halloween Compo entry)
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Ohhh cool ... so it was the GL_SCISSOR_TEST making it fail: During creation of the rendertarget(texture) a potentially existing Viewport (in our case to make the letterboxes) was not ignored as it should - and so on creation only a part of the texture was "cleaned" properly (that's why some video-memory-stuff was peeking through).

Seems nobody using Col's code used the same letterbox-approach than we did - and then of course only happening on OpenGL ;-)

@ Bug/Cheat
Will of course fix that issue ;-)
... and yes, I already thought to have taken care of that situation (you can only drop something if you dragged it first - and dragging should only be possible if there was something on the stack... which _is_not_the_case ..)