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After much key tapping and head scratching I am now ready to release a test of Ultim (not a AAA test just a basic render) its so I can glean if it works on everyones machines or not. Its attached to this post, this is written in pure OpenGL without any graphics libraries but does require OpenAL for audio ;). There maybe a network test in there as well its a simple connection test to see if the network is present, it doesnt connect to anything.

Its been a long time in coming mainly due to real life things taking up waaaay more time than I would like so I have about a few minutes every so often to code small segments here and there but its still moving forwards :D

Please read the readme file in the archive ;)

If its not ok to post things like this here please delete this post :)

Steve Elliott:
Graphics and sounds work fine here, specs in my sig.

Thanks for testing it :)

Once I know it works well I will expand on the whole thing and make a game with it :)

Works on an iMac (late 2013) with Bootcamp and Windows 10, too (see sig). And I had a Windows Firewall notice.

thanks Krischan, the notice is for a server test with enet I was working on. I will be rolling my own ipv6 system when I get to that stage as I have code for it already :)

I have tested on a eeepc 701SD with XP and it works on that too which is good :)


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