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Author Topic: Google Chrome to disable the ability of AdBlockers from working with the browser  (Read 552 times)

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Hello Firefox.
Sticking with Safari :P
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Never used adblocker, never will.
If it helps the website owner to make a little pocket money, then even better. Because without it, some website would close down. And free content would disappear. Think about it.

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On some sites you will have to use an adblocker - eg. (you might know it) had a transparent add all over the website these days - any click leaded to the website of the German Army (Bundeswehr). Maybe some misconcepted ad code ... or bad collaboration between adserver and website ...
The website itself is legal and does most often only have annoying but still "keeping interaction intact" ads - but at that time you needed to block these ads. They even had "lazy loaded ads" for a while (and from time to time still now). So when you were reading an article ... and found a link you want to click on meanwhile you often had the ad "jumping in" that time leading to the whole content scrolling down a bit. You did not click on the ad but into "nothing".

Also I have an adblocker enabled for "new sites" I visit as there are also websites having ads which provide drive-by-downloads. Especially when looking for certain information you sometimes land on "small" websites you do not know about.

I understand your principles of "someone has to pay for stuff" - in this case the advertiser.
Prices for ads went down a lot the last decade (remember the $2-clicks of adsense? or 30ct clicks on "normal" banners of average advertising company?) You can be happy if an article on your website earns 20ct in its lifetime.
Somewhen you had the chance to link to product urls of Amazon and you received a partial share - but they limited that more and more so that even BIG orders are capped by 5 bucks or so.

Think advertisement on websites has reached the level of "spam" and there should be better alternatives to let your visitors "pay" if they want. You need better "incentives". Flattr has failed (imho), Subscriptions are not an option for everyone (especially for rarely but still regularly used websites), donations are something with legal issues (if you call it "donation" in Germany then some laws have to paid attention to), ...
Dunno what a user/visitor would like to do to support the websites they like.



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