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Raise hands, who uses Unity?

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--- Quote from: Rick Nasher on June 20, 2017, 09:48:54 PM ---*Still really hope someone skilled enough will one day make a wrapper round Monkey2(once Mark is done) to Blitz-syntaxify the whole ugly thing.  ;)

--- End quote ---

Dream on.  ;D

But yeah I know what you mean. Monkey was already not so easy to use but Monkey 2 is almost so similar to C#/C++ that I ask myself why I should use it instead of C#/C++ itself. Ok, it's still easier to use for sure language wise but the non existent documentation doesn't make it better...

Rick Nasher:
If one doesn't dream, how can they tell the difference between being awake?  :)

Steve Elliott:
I've played about with it in the past, but never really liked it.

However I am thinking of giving it another go.

I've tried it a handful of times. I even bought Unity + iOS way back on version 3.

I just struggle to get into it.

1.. Drag and drop madness
2.. Properties boxes galore
3.. Looooong lines of OO code

Half of me wants to press on and learn it but the other half just screams "I'm bored!!!" - Perhaps one day it'll just all gel and I'll be singing the praises of Unity :P

I used to be like that Qube but to be honest with all the uncertainty surround BRL and all the 'unofficial' versions of Blitz stuff coming out its starting to look like Unity is the only thing left to use in any official way.

I use the C# side of it and it gets easier as time goes on.


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