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Raise hands, who uses Unity?

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Hey there,

I've released one game with Unity (3d submarine simulator). Quite a nice cross platform thing but for 2d still too heavy for my taste. Any others here? :)

*raises hand*

I've been using it for a while now :)

Nearly six years now, it's in a way sadly, everything I wanted BlitzMax 3D to be, but 12 years ago too late by Blitz standards. If only Blitzmax or Monkey was as good as Unity.
I guess though when you've got hundreds working on Unity and one man on Blitz, can't really be helped.

Back in the day it was said "a cross platform blitz3d would be a killer product" we got max and the debacle that was max3d. It was at this time that I knew Mark didn't know everything and after JoshK stepped in a showed what max could do people started to ask questions.

Mark then slowly posted less and less till one day monkey released and he stopped altogether to the point where he couldn't remember his account and had to create another one.

I looked at what was out there then and started using Unity for simple stuff but didn't take it up in a big way till 3.5.

Rick Nasher:
Using Unity off-and-on. Love it for the x-platform, physics and multiplayer networking features (still trying to decide between the inbuilt stuff and Photon... )

Bit put off by C# for it's not as easily readible as Blitz3d to me and I find it hard to get it to do even the simplest stuff, which in Blitz was a piece of cake. And its fair to say I'm not the greatest coder in Blitz even though I did some nifty stuff I feel pretty good and amazed about(never published; too messy, large and unfinished).
So I guess one could say it's not in my comfort zone.

Also I find the bug-hunting is a *crime*, even though it shouldn't be that cumbersome. Plus doesn't scale down to lesser spec systems very well(found lastest version is a bit better/speedy).

*Still really hope someone skilled enough will one day make a wrapper round Monkey2(once Mark is done) to Blitz-syntaxify the whole ugly thing.  ;)


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