Author Topic: Useful tools for Indie game development  (Read 1383 times)

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Re: Useful tools for Indie game development
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3D Art:
I found using 3d-Coat for my UV works (I don't create sofisticated 3D models) very helpful:

I use AC3D most of the time:

For 3D, Maya is the easiest if you afford to pay the rent, I don't, even for LT edition.

I am in the process of considering Silo:

2D art:
This is good for graphics too, it has mirror, so good for Sprite and icons also, but is a lot more:

I use Paint.Net everyday

Also this, expensive for the features, but does the job for me:

IDE or Code editors:
Notepad++, I use everyday.
Blide, is the way to go for BlitzMax, I use it as code editor only.
Visual Blitz, for Blitz3D, not available, I bought it long time ago. I love it because its fonts are stable in all systems.
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