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Please read & follow the guidelines for posting to the forums which are listed below :

In a nutshell try and be nice :)

The moderators reserve the right to ask any member to edit any questionable posts. If the Member refuses, the moderator reserves the right to edit / delete the post. Moderators may also edit / delete a post without the members permission if they deem the content unacceptable. All moderator's decisions are final. However, if you feel you have been unfairly treated by a moderator then please inform an administrator and the matter will be looked into.

If a member comes across a post they feel is against the rules of syntaxbomb then please click on the "report to moderator" link on the bottom right hand side of the members post and a moderator will investigate your concerns and take action if appropriate.

Contributions from members should be treated as their property and permission sought before reproducing any part of syntaxbomb.

Personal information / details given when registering, i.e., email addresses, are kept strictly confidential and will not be passed or sold onto any 3rd party.

Signatures should be modest size. As a guideline please keep signature images to a maximum of 100 pixels high or 6 lines of text. If combining both images and text in your signature then bear in mind not to exceed the total height restrictions.

Should you have any concerns, please PM the appropriate moderator.

Thank you and Have a great time.


Below is a list of these forums BB codes : ( replace {} with [] )

--- Quote ---Images and links :

Image : {img}{/img}
URL : {url=}SyntaxBomb{/url}
Email : {}Don't email me{/email}

Code :

{code}Print "hello"{/code}
{code=blitzbasic}Print "hello"{/code}
{code=blitzmax}Print "hello"{/code}
{code=monkey}Print "hello"{/code}

Text :

Quote : {quote}You said{/quote}
Bold : {b}Be bold{/b}
Italic : {i}Lean over{/i}
Underline : {u}Why is there a floor underneath me?{/u}
Strikethrough : {s}I'm so cross{/s}
Preformatted text / Left align : {pre}Look left{/pre}
Center align text : {center}Always in the middle of it{/center}
Right align text : {right}Right over here{/right}
Font style / size & colour : {font=arial}{size=12pt}{color=blue}oo, pretty{/color}{/size}{/font}
Glow : {glow=red,2,300}I'm just glowing{/glow}
Shadow : {shadow=red,left}I'm a shady character{/shadow}
Marquee : {move}60fps scroller ( not ){/move}
Superscript : {sup}Is it a bird? is it a plane? no it's Superscript{/sup}
Subscript : {sub}Boo, I'm below par{/sub}
Teletype : {tt}No fracking idea{/tt}

Tables :

{td}cell block 1{/td}
{td}cell block 2{/td}
{td}cell block H{/td}

List type 1 :

{li}10 Print "Hello"{/li}
{li}20 Goto 10{/li}

List type 2 :

{list type=decimal}
{li}He's making a list{/li}
{li}and checking it twice{/li}

Ruler :


Soundcloud :

( just change the track number at the end and of course remove the space between url=https )

Youtube :


--- End quote ---

Examples :

Images and links :

Image :
URL : SyntaxBomb
Email : Don't email me

Code :

--- Code: ---Print "hello"
--- End code ---

--- Code: BlitzBasic ---Print "hello"
--- Code: BlitzMax ---Print "hello"
--- Code: Monkey ---Print "hello"
Text :

Quote :
--- Quote ---You said
--- End quote ---
Bold : Be bold
Italic : Lean over
Underline : Why is there a floor underneath me?
Strikethrough : I'm so cross
Preformatted text / Left align : Look left
Center align text : Always in the middle of itRight align text : Right over hereFont style / size & colour : oo, pretty
Glow : I'm just glowing
Shadow : I'm a shady character
Marquee : 60fps scroller ( not )Superscript : Is it a bird? is it a plane? no it's Superscript
Subscript : Boo, I'm below par
Teletype : No fracking idea

Tables :

cell block 1cell block 2cell block H
List type 1 :

* 10 Print "Hello"
* 20 Goto 10
List type 2 :

* He's making a list
* and checking it twice
Ruler :

Soundcloud :

( just change the track number at the end )

Youtube :


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