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tips for Fragmotion
« on: October 27, 2019, 11:16:30 »
i use Fragmotion for modeling, defining materials, uvmaping, 3d drawing, rigging, skinning, animation, and since the official forum is down, i am going to post some tips here :

when modeling, try to add vertices and triangles, in a way that later, you can project a group of triangles on a flat 2d space, for easier unwraping/uvmaping...

when modeling, think about how the shape will be animated, and which movements it will do, to add more vertices and triangles near joints, so that the bending between one bodypart and another bodypart will look "progressive"

when uvmapping a shape which is symetrical (for example a humanoid), firstly project/unwrap both sides which are symetrical, the projection/unwrapping will be less distorded in this way (compared to the 3d shape), then 3d draw the outline of one side, then select the faces of the other side, and flip them horizontally in the 2d space, so that you can use the same texture space for both symetrical sides (if that's what you want to do...)

when uvmapping, save often, but remember to save the mesh (ugh or b3d) but also the texture ! (if you 3d draw the outlines or the colors on it)

when rigging, always add a bone at the root (origin), parent of all others bones so that if later you need to reposition/reoriente the whole rigg (all bones), you only have to reoriente/reposition the root bone...

when skinning, ... (more later)
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