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(Mac) Pixelmator Pro 2.0 - for free


The '"maclife" magazine provides Pixelmator Pro 2.0 for free

go to:
and klick on the download button or the monitor with the woman... (personalized links...)

Of course you can enter name and an email - if you wish :)

Version is not feature restricted but shows "demo" in the about dialog - and does not get any (security) updates.

--- Quote ---You will receive an individually generated installation file during the download. The software is called DEMO by the manufacturer and thus excludes support and discounted updates. The software itself has no functional limitations and corresponds to the full version.

--- End quote ---

I never used it - nor plan using it - but some of you mac users might benefit from some "affordable" image editor thingy.

Since 2.0 it is also M1 optimized.

Edit: Original link for the offer of the magazine (German texts...):



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