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thought about unreal light transport


I am uber impressed with the progress with unreal and their global illumination system plus nanite and it got me thinking. They must be doing a lot of strange cpu based stuff before sending it to the gpu to complete. And in one of their recent demos they were showing that the light transport system is broken up with different parts doing different things per frame. frame 1 does 1 thing, frame 2 does something else , etc to spread the light cost.

This got me thinking... I have a very simple light transport system that propagates light with a simple falloff system and bluring. but it gives nice results and is fast. blur left, blur right, blur up blur down.

Lets assume we break this into the four parts: left right up down. calculate each separately and combine the result.

could it be possible to use some form of primitive light refection. where the color could be reflected back into the respective direction layers?

I'de need to do a test to try it out and get the results. But the thought is an interesting one.

Any one else have ideas?

* looks around, blinks and walks off *


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