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Great intro to 2d UI design


This guy goes through his design choices for his game.
He has a simple approach and it gives a great look at the how AND why he made designs

He might have had some good thoughts. Yet I think this "HUD"/interface ... needs a lot more stuff to make it look more appealing.

They still look far too "prototype".

And ith "more stuff" I am not necessarily talking about bells and whistles ... but stuff making it not look so "boring". Only interesting part is the diagonal-quad-shape thing - which does not work for fantasy stuff when "flat shaded". Metal, rust, ornaments, magic, ... is what people know - and expect for medieval fantasy games.

Monochrome icons - even when lacking skills like painting you should always think why and where monochromatic icons are used. Use them in toolbars of applications showing various things, this way they do not distract the viewers eyes so much. But if you need quick glance recognition - colours help.


Cool video, and @Derron interesting thoughts.

It's not focused on game dev, but regarding UI I like some of the points made in this talk:


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