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Having dabbled with coding for many years (I was a serious coder back when MSDOS was a thing using C/C++ but didn't like windows programming) I'm looking for a good alternative to replacing that. I've got BlitzMax, Code Blocks and Unity but I just want a language that no matter what I want to make I can just go and make it. At present BlitzMax does do most of it but the issue I have for ther is future proofed support etc

Anyone have any other suggestions as I'm veering to going back to dos using Dosbox 🤔

Try Gamemaker. It has a free version now.

Hi EdzUp,

if you are working on Windows target only then I wouldn't be that concerned about future proofing. Whatever works now will work for the foreseeable future.


@Henri: I rarely look at android as well but I will say that is even less now as they keep changing the store systems for tax stuff etc.

No language will ever cover all your needs.
Use what's best for the current project.
TypeScript is pretty decent for quick prototyping, but so's BlitzMax.
C isn't going anywhere, so as long as you know C you'll be fine, but I probably wouldn't want to use it for big projects.
I've been using D lately, and I think it's a pretty good middle ground and works for most things.
It's also got some really nice language features. (like uniform-function-call-syntax-ufcs and string-mixins)
You can run the D source files as scripts as well, making it very quick to toy around with.
And you can even try it in your browser on their homepage:
It's well documented and has lots of books written about it:


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