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You can land a professional game dev job with niche tools

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Myself and some others got approached by a big game dev company to work on an existing very successful game.

I must say, working in a professional AA or AAA environment is a whole different level which can be overwhelming at times but also is fucking interesting and exciting. I never thought this opportunity would ever came but you never know what can happen. Never.

So don't give up. Keep working on your skills, use the tools you love and get your name out there. If you fancy a professional game dev job, it can happen.

Wow that's awesome!! Very well done  8)

Wish you all the very best of luck too!

It would be nice to share how things progress there, to give some insight to other inspired game programmers - you know, strip away all the glitz and glamour and say how it really turns out - good and bad!

I wish you tons of good luck and praise in your endeavour. Well done 👏

Congrats Mike and good luck with it

Steve Elliott:
Great news, congrats Mike.

Nice on, great news :) - Keep us up to date as much as you can. I know these things usually come with an NDA to keep things super hush hush :))


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