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Author Topic: what can we do? ( developers)  (Read 1553 times)

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Re: what can we do? ( developers)
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Have you seen all those "Zombie Apocalypse Survival" things popping up lately? You think it might be a good idea to just make anotherone by yourself and compete with 25+ in the same genre?
Thats what you are facing now, basically. You can watch some tuts on Youtube about [insert game engine name] and get an asset super pack for 15$ and of you go. That is what it looks like. You might have a super nice idea but the moment you share this to build an audience you lose the edge to the potential competition.Sometimes there is pure luck involved.
There a some exceptions of course, like SMB, Braid, Journey and so on. But this is like the movie industry: You never see all the failed actors who returned home to their pity ordinary lives.


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