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The Secret Club is a hidden section of the forum and available to members only by request ( PM Qube ).

This section of the forum if for topics which do not fit into General Discussion, eg, topics which may get very heated or content not appropriate for most other members etc etc. If the admin considers a topic falls into this category then it will be moved into this section.

If you are easily offended or do not wish to see posts which may be way outside the scope of SyntaxBomb then please DO NOT ask to join it. Any illegal, racist or threatening behaviour will result in suspension or in certain circumstances a lifetime ban from SyntaxBomb.

I like the idea!

the first rule about The Secret Club is, do not talk about the Secret Club!
the second rule is..... :)

Corrrrr, it'll be like being a secret agent for MFI... But without the divans! \o/

[insert Hollywood styleeeee super hacking moment accessing super secret systems footage here]

Or for those prone to epileptic fits:-

"I'll create a GUI interface using Visual Basic, see if I can track an IP address"


Add me, I have FOMO :)


FOMO?  :o


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