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Author Topic: The 'it's May 2021 : What do you code your game in now?' Thread.  (Read 1497 times)

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I'm using Gamemaker exclusively. I dabble with Unity3D when I feel like giving myself Cluster Headaches, and a bit of AGK Studio 2 when I want to try playing memory games when remembering the AGK syntax i.e. makeQuadFromBLahThenTextureItEasily()
That's about it. I'm still looking for Blitz3D 2 though. I doubt I will ever find anything like it.
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Still using AGK for 2D but putting a like more time into Unity for 3D.

I’ve not tried Unity for 2D yet but I’d like to do done basic brute force tests between it and AGK and see which one can handle the most sprites at a constant 60fps.

Been tempted for a long time to have a play with C ( not C++ yet ) but for the upcoming weeks and months I’ll be sticking with the above.
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Well I'm using my own language (elgol).  It's getting a bit scary now because I might actually need to put it out there soon and get lots of abuse from peeps lol.
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Not done any game maker 2 code since my aborted game for the last competition. Since I've moved house, the only coding I've been doing is using TRSE. which is pascal based, for coding on a Vic 20 computer. I've strictly kept myself focussed on just what I can do with a Vic 20 using it, but the thing exports for almost every 80's micro computer already, so it's been hard to avoid the temptation of doing stuff on a C64 with it.

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I've been using python script to make notepad++ do what i want it to do. You can do just about anything with notepad++ and pythonscript. Very nifty

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Well currently all games are off  :o
I am deep in code preparation getting wonkey into a nice state to begin coding with it. Monkey2 was always a nice language but had failings. so hopefully when everything is ready to go. other people might like it too :)

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Still using B3D

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Of course it is Cerberus X. With the 3D module Vortex out of beta and the last release of CX out now, I can finally work further on the port of a 3D game I started way back in AGK. I love Vortex. It has a Blitz3D like entity system enhanced with shadows, shaders, encryption of your models and runs great on all platforms we target. The plan is to ship the module with CX, its author has already agreed to it.

Of course I could have interfaced AGK Tier 2 in CX with the tool that creates corresponding modules and help file s automatically from the AGK distribution, but I am not convinced that TGC will keep AGK Classic up and fix the bugs that occur over time, especially on the mobile side of things. Also with every release they introduce some kind of bug in their projects that I need to fix in my automatic porting tool to make it work again. So it is Cerberus X and Vortex for me.

Besides that we have our plate full of enhancements for CX in the works (integration of VSCodium, Metal Support via Sokol or MetalAngle, UI, spritesheet and animation tool,  new docs, video tutorials, new website, etc etc.) I doubt there will be ever time where there is nothing to work on in the CX universe.

When not working with CX, I am using Game Maker Studio to dabble very VERY slowly on a retro style platformer. You know, these times when you want to do something completely different. What I like about GM is its toolset. Besides sound stuff, you don't need to get out of GM at all. The GM language is okish. You can work with it.

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Excellent news about the vortex module. I also like how other language creators use other packages and get ideas and thought from them. A good feedback loop  8)

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I'm currently using AGK studio and can't find any reason to move to anything else . Also got classic which rarely sees the light of day anymore . I've still got a few things to figure out in the game making world and with every new project I learn something new . Have a nice day.
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currently learning / experimenting about procedural terrain generation (perlin noise) with some predefined heights (for track and borders)
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Still BBC BASIC and an occasional sprinkling of C and assembler code.

I was going to venture into Java earlier this year, but I got sidetracked by various random, miscellaneous things.

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This month, mainly AGK. Although, not that mainly.....

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Re: The 'it's May 2021 : What do you code your game in now?' Thread.
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Torque Game Engine (that's TGE 1.4, not the newer T3d) all the way buddies.

Because my internet is down for the moment, Godot is my 2nd choice.  Otherwise it would have been,

Unity3d, especially for console development.
Then when I'm ready for punishment, I'm teaching myself Lumberyard (for consoles as well)  (though likely I cannot come up with a practical reason for choosing between Unity and Lumberyard)
If I can only choose 1 between the two, it would be Unity.

As for testing purposes, or when I want to get something done in a hurry, its Blitz3d.

Amon,  IMHO  CerberusX + Vortex is Blitz3d2.
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