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First off, thanks very much to the members who have currently joined and helping towards creating this community * round of applause *

My long term aim for this site is to mould it into shape overtime. There will be changes and additions over the coming days / weeks / months until things are just right and if ever required I'll write our own custom forum software should SMF not fit our needs.

In due time moderators will be appointed. These will be selected by the community ( details to follow in good time ).

Most importantly and the point to this post... If members have any site suggestions and improvements then please post them here :)


You will get the gallery going, that would be one.
Besides that I actually fine right now.

Like I wrote in another thread, my "wishlist":

- embedded Youtube videos
- embed external images with an automatic thumb/resize option (for I always had to create a thumbnail first, upload both images to my server and "code" the post with nested tags to make the thumb open the large remote image on mouseclick, nasty)
- a more TinyMCE-like editor like in Wordpress would be perfect (I think we don't need a marquee button, heh)

But in general the board is ok and usable right now.

I would like to see some kind code archives in the near future.  The ones over would have kept growing imo.
It might be less than easy to use this kind of forum structure though, especially if it were to include all of the other languages besides blitzy stuff.
But I really liked how all the code was separated so you didn't have audio stuff mixed in with gui stuff etc.


Qube: Could you add a Modules sub-forum under the Monkey section please? I would like to add my Monkey-X modules there.


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