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RIP Clive Sinclair

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Clive Sinclair, who needs no introduction has passed away : Sir Clive Sinclair: Computing pioneer dies aged 81

Wow, bit of a shock due to a lot of childhood memories.

I was never a Spectrum fan, or ever owned one, but I did admire what Sir Clive did in bringing home computing to the masses. And helping keep the prices down through healthy competition with Commodore.

In 1989/90 my mother joined a Mensa club that met up in South Harrow for a few years. Sir Clive was part of the same group so she met him several times. I had long since left home by then so never had the opportunity to meet him myself.

It's a pity the C5 crashed and burned so painfully for him. He should have perhaps tried again with computers after the QL didn't make its mark.


My first computer was a ZX81. In france, it was pretty expensive to get one with all the taxes, but it was anyway somehow affordable compare to an IBM or other 'personal' computers.
I worked 15 days during summer for a farmer to get the money, gathering garlic (the most physic job I ever done  :))
Then I purchased a kit (cheaper) and waited long months to get it.

Since then, I never stopped to use a computer...

Thanks Mr Sinclair !

spectrum was my first computer I owned - saved up to buy it second hand and still remember being driven to some villiage in Warwick to get it upstairs in a black and white Tudor house. good times...

ZX spectrum's were never sold in my region, but one can't respect the man for bringing home computing to many, especially in the demo scene.


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