..PS4 vs. PS5..

Started by Naughty Alien, May 14, 2024, 07:50:55

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Naughty Alien

..hi guys..considering that over here, price of PS5 is almost double price of PS4, im wondering, is it worth getting PS5 ? Is graphics or whatever that makes difference , that much better on PS5 ?


Im no expert but looking at the Specs the PS5 is far superior to the PS4. As with everything i suppose backwards Compatibility.


If you've spent thousands on games ::) You'll want to play them on the latest console. Rather than having a wardrobe full of consoles :-X 

The PS5 is a nice looking Beast! And thank god there's a BLACK edition!

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Naughty Alien

..well..im not much in to high end graphics games, however, it seems PS4 cant push 4K resolution so thats setback and decision making point ;D