Mark Sibly is returning to Blitz3D

Started by Xerra, February 28, 2024, 19:15:55

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It's a thing that doe's when it don't..


you know what would be cool, an A.I. assistant for blitz, so you could get it to put bits of code in as you direct it, and then do a bit of editing.


I hope it has an IDEal type enviroment where colors etc can be changed or a Good adjustable Dark Theme. I feel like stabbing my eyes out when forced to look at a Light screen for hours. :-X

A Function collapser would be good and lining up. If then, else if, else, nest's. Another good add on would be to Rem or marker for your code. So it comes up like a function where you can click it and go directly to the code. A bit like a Book Marker.

I cant help but wonder Blitz3D. Why not improve BlitzMAxNG? But then again if Blitz3D ends up being better for what ever reasons. It wouldn't be to difficult to learn coming from BlitzMax.

Kind Regards Bagey
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He's looking at having the extension available for blitz3d and Max if you read his forum posts. He calls it blitz3d 2, but not sure he plans to do much change with the application. Just have the new library useable within it, is how I read this.

The features you're asking for are just for the editor. You might find that someone else will make a better one than what he comes up with anyway.

Who remembers Blide? Loved using that when I was a Windows user.
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to be honest, I want Max 2, not bothered with 3D. Max is one of the most solid dev apps i ever used


Without a doubt, any evolution that Blitz3D has would make me very happy, I still use it as a work tool, and I continue developing games in it, because I enjoy the noble nature of this tool.

what good news!!


@mainsworthy, what is wrong with Max NG? Isn't it fit for purpose now?


Quote from: markcwm on March 11, 2024, 16:49:05@mainsworthy, what is wrong with Max NG? Isn't it fit for purpose now?

never used NG, not even found out what it does, but your suggesting its a 64bit version or extension to Max, cool thanks


NG is simply said a kind of successor to vanilla BlitzMax.
It adds language features, module functionality, fixes bugs, adds new targets (raspberrypi etc), adds 64bit support ..., adds new backends (think of "metal" on Apple OSes)
But it removes "support" for Windows 2000 and NT on the builds it does ... if that is a requirement (yes, I had complaints, do not ask...).
The Garbage Collector is different "by default" (Boehm-Dewers-Weiser, bdwgc, instead of reference counting) which might have issues too - but is at least capable of automatically handling circular dependencies (objA references objB, objB references objA) while the old vanilla refcounting GC would memleak there. If you uses the "threaded" build option in vanilla, then the GC should have been the same already - and NG is building "threaded" by default...

If you wrote strict (or superstrict) code in vanilla the changes you need to do to compile with NG will be almost zero (or only marginal). If you did not write strict code - then most probably you will spot a lot of issues you made in the past when making your code compatible (means "strict" at least) for NG. Means having "void" function result definitions but expecting integers, using integers instead of byte ptr (in 32bit builds both have the same "size", but in 64bit pointer size differs).



Thanks Ron. thats really good info


Quote from: mainsworthy on March 10, 2024, 16:26:16to be honest, I want Max 2, not bothered with 3D. Max is one of the most solid dev apps i ever used
Yeah, I still use it a lot for tools and automation 


Quotewhile the old vanilla refcounting GC would memleak there
Thanks for letting me know that. This was something I had raised many times in the past but was told I didn't know what I was talking about - lol


This project will fail if it goes down the Patreon route. My word.

I'm going to leave a comment to suggest instead a one time payment for 12 months access to updates. 

Mark even stated it himself when he said Patreon was only an earner for him because of one guy.

A yearly subscription would bring in a healthy wage. Patreon will have him on edge because of fluctuations in payments from month to month. Nothing kills a project harder than when the developer starts to feel that it's just not worth it.


For yearly subscription I think Mark would need a finished product first. I think it would be hard to find anyone paying a yearly fee for "something" while Unity and other engines are available basically for free.

But I agree that some yearly subscription might be worth it at a later point.


Sorry wrong Post........about Game engine ranking........

Let get back on what Xaron say. Yes I agree that Mark need finished product first and he need build fans base again somehow (much harder to do that now than it was back in year 2000) to keep the forum going.....