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Author Topic: How rubbish is the XBoxone UI - showcase for W10 UI - I think not  (Read 1584 times)

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The XBox360 UI is just better - it works for starters.

Inserted Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5...... after it manages to install - the XBoxone helpfully states:

Please Try Again.

For some reason Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 has taken too long to start (0x8027025a)

You'd think micorsoft could afford to marry some obscure memory address to something somewhat more intelligible. XBoxOne progress - or a showcase for how flaky progress ain't?

2nd time lucky...... yeah - its working this time. Jeez Louise.

Earlier today the XBone failed to even recognise the disk, and bitched about me not owning disks that were ... in the drive.

Yep, Xbone seems pants. Maybe the disk drive is on its way out....


And another thing, got up this morning, and the XBox One insists on turning itself on roughly every hour - its done it twice so far - why not let me decide when the console turns on... did this a while ago. Removing the power lead seems somewhat extreme, better than faffing about trying to find some buried option 'not to turn itself on'. Does the PS4 have similar nuances?
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