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A1200 still compiles my old blitz basic 2.1 code.... From '99


Was moving around some stuff earlier today, hooked up the old Amiga, after an initial scsi 0 is not working error screen, reseatimg the 8MByte memory card resulted in being able to compile an old demo that graced Amiga Format in 99! Happy dayz.  :o

double post sorry

I heard USB GOTECH floppy disk emulators of various sizes like 720k 1.4MB etc can be fitted to old computers and home computers like specy, I know it wont fix your mem, but it may help an aging disk drive.

you download images or make them put them on usb stick I think you have to format them first then when istalled you can switch in and out usb images, if i was a techy repair man I would also try connecting hard drives too maybe the memory bus aswell who knows, in PCs the BUS traveles all round connecting things with the same set of wires, maybe all bus connected things can have an image on an emulator.


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