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List Of All SyntaxBomb Competition Games


Steve Elliott:
SyntaxBomb is known for it's competitions, where members produce games in a limited amount of time.  Here is a list of all the games produced so far, with links to the downloads.

February 7th 2021, Theme "Virus",8425.0.html

August 18th 2020, Theme "Go Nuts!",8150.0.html

May 10th 2020, Theme "Reboot",7888.0.html

October 2019, Theme "Mix it up";topicseen#new
March 2019, Theme "8-bit Wars",5444.0.html

December 2018, Theme "The Great Christmas Adventure",5152.0.html

October 2018, Theme "aMAZEing",4977.0.html

June 2018, Theme "Mixed Genre",4772.0.html

April 2018, Theme "Movie and TV",4417.0.html

January 2018, Theme "Retro",3997.0.html

October 2017, Theme "Halloween",3592.0.html

July 2017, Theme "Asteroids",3309.0.html


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