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Code a game comp - There Can Be Only ONE - Aug 14th to Oct 24th 2021

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Welcome to our 13th Code a Game Competition.

Competition Length : August 14th 2021 to October 24th 2021 @ 23:59:59 ( GMT )

Theme : There Can Be Only ONE.

Detailed description:

* Make a game where the only control you can use is one key.
Limits :

The main game must only be controlled with one key.

You can use a mouse or joystick / joypad but only one button can be used. You can not use any other features of that device.

You can use any control system for any other part of your game for example main menu, options screen and to pause / resume / load / save your game.

No other limits.

Prize fund :

The prize fund will consist of £100 per competition entry up to a maximum of £1000.

Allocation of the prize fund will be :

1st, 2nd and 3rd place will all receive an equal share of the prize fund.

Rules :

1.. No copyright media or modified pre-built game templates allowed.
2.. Game frameworks are allowed as are free / purchased media.
3.. Individuals and teams are allowed to enter.
4.. Provide a download with at least a Windows executable ( or link if a web browser game only ). Include other OS's too if you want.
5.. Choice of language is totally up to you. You do not have to provide the source code.
6.. One entry per person / team.
7.. SyntaxBomb has zero rights to any work posted here. You / your team hold total control.
8.. Prize to the winners payable via PayPal only.
9.. No extensions to the deadline will be granted.
10.. Games must be in a completed state and not merely a demo / proof of concept.
11.. No remakes / clones of commercial games are allowed for example Donkey Kong which may lead to copyright infringement. A game my be done "in the style of" but must use original media and not a copy in a manner to which may infringe on a 3rd party copyright.
12.. There will be a one week gap after the comp ends before voting starts to allow members to play the games and for developers to fix any bugs in their game ( no new / additional features ) and re-upload. Once voting commences then no further bug fixes can be submitted until after voting has been completed.

How to submit your game :

Game submissions must be made in this thread. You may link to your external webpage or showcase post about your game. If you have no means of hosting your game then please PM Qube and arrangements will be made.

When submitting your game please adhere to the following format ( if relevant ) :

Game Title
Download link and OS requirements
Required dependancies
Brief info about your game
Any screen shots or video's
Media information ( If using free / purchased media, please state where you obtained said media. )

How are the winners picked :

Voting will take place after ( see rule 12 ). Voters will state their three favourite games. A dedicated thread will be made and relevant voting information provided.

Now what?

Get coding and good luck ;D

Games submitted ( in order )

1.. MrmediamanX - Extreme pro tray surfer
2.. Rosy - ROKART
3.. iWasAdam - Neon Overdrive
4.. hosch - RhythZard
5.. ricardo_sdl - One-Button TETRIS
6.. metamorpho - Robotekus
7.. statto - Next Train to Mernda
8.. therevills - CapeMan in Nightmare Realm
9.. Morpheus - Dexter
10.. STEVIE G - Super Grouper
11.. Qube - Darts Night
12.. DottyGame - ONE slap

I'm going to enter this competition. I'll start a worklog now. :)

Question: does one feature of a controlling device include an axxis of a Mouse or a Stick on a gamepad, an analog button on a gamepad? Or are we bound to Buttons with 2 states, on and off?

I'm in ... I already have a crap ton of tests which use only one button.
I'll most likely end up doing something super simple in the end.  :-\

I'm currently thinking a (mono-) rail type game - you're a tank or something moving along a twisty-turny rail surrounded by enemies and you shoot at things. Long press to rotate turret, short press to fire. The usual *RSI inducing stuff.  ;D

I have no idea yet if the idea will work well enough in practice.

Not an original idea of course, it's bound to have been done before, but what is original nowadays?

I'm seriously thinking of adding some extra spice: regardless of how well/badly it performs in this contest, there will be the opportunity to win very modest cash prizes for those that complete the game! Just an idea I'm toying with.

* RSI = Repetitive Strain Injury


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