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General Discussion
The place to chit-chat about anything, spout off, ask pointless questions, etc.

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General Game and Application Development
General game and application development is generally posted here, generally.

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PC Problems
Hardware or software gone nuts? this is the forum to post in, if you can that is.

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The forum which shows you how to get from A to B

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Show off your finished work created from the deep dark recesses of your mind

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Working on something cool? Post all about it here

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Game Coding Competitions
The home of our game coding competitions

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8-bit / 16-bit retro world
These were the times when real computers existed. Be it for nostalgia or new found love of the classics, this is the place.

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Languages & Coding

AppGameKit ( AGK )
AGK Classic and AGK Studio

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Monkey 1, Monkey 2 & Cerberus X

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Other languages not listed above or minimal posts. If anything becomes popular then a magic wand can be waved and a new board created.

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Sound & Music
Conductor ready, orchestra ready, go!

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