Win11Arm vs BlitzMax

Started by Jayenkai, December 01, 2023, 13:47:44

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Over on "that other forum with an overlording admin guy that everyone hates", Eikon's been posting some games, and Jayenkai's been struggling to run them on Windows11Arm, running inside UTM (A virtual machine thing), running on a MacBook.
It's not exactly the most ideal setup, and likely isn't going to be too much of an issue for most people, but after a bit of investigation, it looks like it's down to the fact that "something" isn't letting BlitzMax load its default font.
I think.. Maybe..

Whether that's the MacBook being fussy, UTM not quite doing the Virtual Machine stuff properly, or Windows 11 ARM not quite giving full access to the installed fonts, I'm not 100% sure, but somewhere along the lines, something's messing up, and from what I can figure out, I seem to have tracked it down to being the font.

In Eikon's games, he's using a bitmap font (loadanimimage, draw sprites, not using "DrawText"), so hasn't actually been using fonts at all, and therefore hasn't loaded any .ttf fonts.  For some reason, even without using the Text command, it's causing something really odd, and isn't even drawing images properly because, presumably, the font hasn't loaded properly.
These "issues" haven't appeared for him. And only show up for me.  I'm not really sure exactly why they're showing up on my confounded virtual Win11Arm setup..  But it's such a weird bug that I wanted to head on over here and see if anyone else has had similar issues.

There's a thread about it here, but if someone wants to write a TLDR over here, then I'm sure you guys can help track down this oddity.
I'm not "too" concerned about it, right now, but if it is an actual Win11Arm issue, and people start making a gradual switch to that, then we're all going to end up having similar issues.
If anyone has a true Win11Arm device they can test this on, (I can't find anything suitably cheap myself) then that'd be ideal, rather than my silly UTM Virtual machine.

Thanks for your time.
I'll go back over "there" again, now.  Merry Xmas, everyone!
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I tried on Windows 11 ARM via Parallels but I get 'Access Violation' popup box. I think I need some additional files in the same folder perhaps, like the dxd7 dll for Blitz3D to work.
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Would be good to know if you talk about NG or vanilla.



Doesn't seem to make any difference which is used.
Also, this bug is getting weirder and weirder..

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Using (or similar) you should be able to run trace the application and check what is actually send to the GPU.

This way you could see if this is already failing. 

Of course you surely also tried if the "drawtext"-command-parameter changed "somehow" (so print the string after each drawtext).