Turn Pixmap into color TV Static

Started by Baggey, March 20, 2023, 13:01:58

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Trying to get this code to work with a Stream Sending random Bytes.

Dont really understand the use of capacity, thought it should return size in bytes :-*

So im trying to send random bytes so that the image will turn into TV Static.

I may of misunderstood what a Stream is As well!? :-\

oh you'll need the Commodore Pixmap find attached. myimage.png

Runable BlitzmaxNG code
Graphics 800,600

'load any image
Global Image:TPixmap = LoadPixmap("myimage.png")
Global Size:Int = Image.capacity

Print "Image Capacity"=Size ' Capacity is 0 ???????

' Create Memory ram Bank:
Global Ram: TBank = CreateBank(size)
' Create Pointer to emory TBank
Global RamPtr: Byte Ptr= LockBank(Ram)

' Create stream to the RAM
Global Stream:TStream = CreateRamStream( RamPtr, Size, 0, WRITE_MODE_OVERWRITE)

While Not AppTerminate() And Not KeyHit(KEY_ESCAPE)

' Sending ranom bytes should make Image like TV static
For Local i:Int= 0 To Size-1
 Stream.WriteByte Image.Pixels[Rand((254)+1)&255] ' & with 255 Ensuring data is in Byte form!
 Delay 1000

Kind Regards Baggey
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