NG: Chipmunk 2D v1.07 module

Started by Hotcakes, May 15, 2024, 10:04:02

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After a couple months of work, I have updated Bruceys Chipmunk module to support Chipmunk 7 (probably requires Blitzmax NG).  Well, it took about three weeks to get it up to a level that a game could make use of it and the rest of the time was spent porting the official demos over.  As a result, this is a near complete implementation.

There's more that can be added and fixed, but I consider this to be a feature complete (albeit beta) release.
There are minor differences between the official docs and this module - the biggest changes are owing to wanting to keep maximum compatibility with the previous v1.05 module and any code that was based off of it.  Previous code should only require a single command change.

I'd be interested to know how this effort compares to other physics modules, if anyone has any experience with them.