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Started by markcwm, June 13, 2017, 01:52:42

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A great list!!
But the better place for the D3D11Max2DDriverhas been for quite some time.

Feel free to update the link and maybe delete this post to keep things tidy.


Thanks for that col.

No I don't need to delete anyone's posts, all the link are on page 1 anyway.

Naughty Alien

..very nice but a little bit messy to scroll trough pages and check each individual link...maybe some 'toolbox' section on web site is needed ?


I don't know how to do that and if I could I probably couldn't edit it, maybe a page on the Bmx wikibooks or Brucey could add it on his new website.

I created a Toolbox clone here,81.0.html


Just a suggestion. Sometimes in future, we need to seperate modules that work with original BlitzMax from those that work with NG version. I think strategically make sense to gradully ignore or forget the original one and concenterate effort on NG.

For NG, a good installer that adds path helps beginers. It is good that wingw is inside its folder. I totally removed the original blitzmax and have decided to exclusivly use NG. I don't know what NG stands for  ;D


I saw the older one on the old forum/, great list. Thanks markcwm!

Quote from: ms62 on October 01, 2017, 23:16:48
NG. I don't know what NG stands for  ;D

Next Gen.. in English, but telling it or abbreviating it in Japanese, it could be a bit on the downside, as NG also means "No Good".  ;)

Steve Elliott

lol I always thought it was a crap name.
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Quote from: Steve Elliott on October 02, 2017, 00:27:15
lol I always thought it was a crap name.

Same here Steve, at first.  ;D I found out reading the description a while back here and on the old forum thread.



Quote from: Steve Elliott on October 02, 2017, 00:27:15
lol I always thought it was a crap name.

So Star Trek TNG also is a crap name? How dare you!

But hey - BMX NG is open source, so you could always fork it (including using the upcoming patches after your fork) and rename it to a better suiting name. Think with todays "always on"-mentality it matters to be known to the world - or at least being "searchable". So you wont blame "Gambas" to have a "generic" name but as it got famous, the second entry for "gambas" on google(.de) is the wiki entry of the programming language.

In this case, "NG" already is a well known abbreviation which means it "supports" being remarkable without needing to remind long words. Also older people should know "BMX" from the 80s bicycles. So together "BMX NG" forms something the brain knows - but with a different meaning (like "Gambas"). But it is still something, which makes the "BMX NG" (speaking of our beloved Brucey-toolchain) sit on #1 (and #2 and ...) of the google search results.

[/size][size=78%]Main problem is of course, that only we would search the term "BMX NG" now ...making it not as much prominent as needed. Not to talk about the missing "ecology" around the language (speaking of IDE integration, automated installers, tutorials, famous "made with"-games, ...).[/size]
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Is there anything for using SDL in Blitzmax NG?

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it is shipped with NG