is this syntax correct, is this syntax only setting a variable

Started by William, November 12, 2023, 19:37:38

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You can adjust the mesh within the pivot. This way you can keep the pivot a little bit over the ground (yPivot=0.1) and the mesh compensates this with a yPlayer=-0.1 or more if you need the more realistic impression that the feet are deeper in the grass (yPlayer=-0.12).

This way you can enable that actors (f.e. ghosts) hover over the ground while it's pivot follows the terrain.

Quote...trying to test the hypothesis that perhaps it only appears the player falls through the terrain....
This is what I asked you several times, but never got an answer. You always write "...the player falls through the ground...".

But is this the correct description of what you see? "Falling" means that he falls and falls until he disappears. Does this happen?

Or is it only a "the feet are too deep in the ground"?

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Quote from: angros47 on November 23, 2023, 20:12:02The coordinates of playerentity are set to zero because they are related to its parent entity (pivot, I suppose)

To get the global coordinates you have to use the global flag in EntityX, EntityY, EntityZ. So, EntityX(playerentity, 1)
correct, i'd looked at the doc and i put a true argument statement, they're apparently pretty close to the same but that i realized the circumference difference would not show, that i would have to look at the position/coordinates in a model editor. i believe they're not accurately portrayed i mean like when i set the entity radius to 1 (which should be default) if not 0 and the player appears above terrain.

but that i have not been able to find a model editor that could load b3d and also display model position/coordinates in absolute space. (is that the terminology correct?) i have fragmotion and but could not find it. well, i appreciate your interest in reading my messages. um.. so, i need to figure out a way to test and compensate for this in code i've thought about it.
im still interested in oldschool app/gamedev


im still interested in oldschool app/gamedev