I want to read music score files

Started by Hardcoal, September 27, 2023, 05:30:45

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hi... how can i read music score files?
and where can i find music scores for free?

i mean like file as muse score.. and so on


what do you mean with "read"? Human reading or software scanning?. Do you talk about learning notes? Or talk about prima-vsita-reading?
And the sources... what kind of music are you searching?
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Quote from: Midimaster on September 27, 2023, 08:01:28what do you mean with "read"? Human reading or software scanning?. Do you talk about learning notes? Or talk about prima-vsita-reading?
And the sources... what kind of music are you searching?
hes asking how to parse music score audio file data
how to load and play it?
im still interested in oldschool app/gamedev


Ive got an app that I made for music score issues.
and I want to upload some music score into it..

I need to read some type of format in order to do that..

if anyone made such a thing that reads music scores.. ill be glad to have it.

Im also trying to learn notes reading while playing piano.. but i need notes for beginners that the name of the note is inside the note..

For exmaple .. "Theme from Jurassic Park" from 'Jurassic Park' Sheet Music for Beginners in C Major - Download & Print - SKU: MN0135001 (musicnotes.com)

i cant find many music scores that appear like this so i thought maybe to code such a thing..
which i already have.. but now i need some music sheets .. 

instead of writing them manually 


Quote from: Hardcoal on September 30, 2023, 17:27:13.. but i need notes for beginners that the name of the note is inside the note..
Dont do that! You never will learn it!

As a experienced piano teacher I need to tell you, that this is the way that will lead into a dead end.

Music Score is not a thing of remembering the correct letters. Those are only crutches for being able to talk about notes.They do not help in reading!!!

Reading notes is more a geometric game. You see the development from one note to the next: rising - falling - equal And you react in playing more to the right or to the left on the piano. Start with only some notes and try to perceive the pitch positiv or negativ.

I can only strongly recommended to work with my app Score-Trainer, which is one of the best of the world. It is free and avaiable on www.midimaster.de

Musical formats

There are a lot of music formats. All are not very easy to implement. Score-Writing is treacherous: Next to the 100 rules we have 100000 exceptions. So opening one of those formats is one thing, but displaying them is an open-end-party.

you will find the most songs in this format.But MIDI has no design informations

is extremly good and has information how to display the notes. A usefull SDK is MuseScore https://github.com/musescore

have a look on LilyPond:

more fomats here:
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your link  [color=var(--link)]midimaster.de[/color] does not work for me..

QuoteDont do that! You never will learn it!
i was expecting that response. I have lots of appreciation for you
but I think you are overly panicked about learning this way..  (at least for the start)

 I believe many beginners never even consider trying scores just because its hard on the beginning.

and saying never will learn it is over reacting..  (to me)

it just encouraging a beginner

but anyways i would love to check your app if you give me the right link

I like doing things my own way :)


This is my job. I'm a music teacher since 40 years now. I warned you, because I know it is 100% the wrong way.
Think about how many scores you found with this system... Not so many! Why? It is a dead end!

If you create a statictic about step size in music notes you will find out, that 90% percent of the notes go 1or 2 steps up/down from the previous note. So reading note is not an absolute thing, but a relative!

New music teachers (next generation) now start with teaching notes without 5 lines. They use only one line an 3 notes on the first week. The student should check, that this all is relative: Start wherever you want at the piano and follow that 3 notes. Then they expand to 2 lines and 7 notes. This is the consequent implementation of relativity.

downlad my free app at www.midimaster.de and test it.


(syntaxbom has a problem with words looking like links and add wrong things to it example : xxx.com )
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I totally understand what you are saying.

I got unrelated question. my electric piano casio px 160 started making on some keys.. louder sound.. than it should do
as if im pressing it strong, but I dont.

I think its a dust issue.. since i worked with dust near it sadly.

have you got an experience with that? or knowledge?

andway i contacted casio

PS: Your app is in German, I dont read german :)


Quote from: Hardcoal on October 02, 2023, 06:28:58...Your app is in German, I dont read german...

Thank you for you issue report...

This was my mistake. Some days ago I uploaded an old version for a test with a user. And at the end I forgot to reload the current version.

Now I updated all and you can again choose language between GERMAN and ENGLISH.

Can you please test for me, whether it is working for you?

Thank you

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ok great.. i checked it.. i like it..
half year ago i began also making a game like exercise notation game.
but as usual, i neglected it for the time being.

anyway some remarks..

a) Its hard to read the game clock that counts mistakes and so on.. 
b) I cant tell when the exercise if over, which is frustrating.
c) add a stop button for the exercise..
d) it would also be nice to add a volume controller

does it also connect to midi? if not, you need a midi connection 
so we can practice on a piano 


a.)  ;D The game clock is a retro feature. I like it and the readability was the same on the original. It is a little bit like the retro computers everybody wants to rebuild now.

b.) There are three different methods to do the exercises. When you selected "Practice" the lesson never ends (which is good for you). You should decide, when you are perfect. But when you select the mothod Examination a test starts with mostely 30 notes in a given time. The clock runs countdown.

c.) You can stopp any action with MENU-METHOD-STOPP

d.) Good idea: I could use the volume knob on the virtual keyboard

e.) Of course it is MIDI. This is the best way to practice. Connect your MIDI Keyboard and then answer the notes with your keyboard.

f.) It will also be able to "listen" to any AUDIO-Input via microphone like accoustic Piano or Trumpet etc...in the near future.
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the retro look of the clock is not the problem.. but on my monitor at least.. its almost unreadable ..

so that mean on several other computers it might be the same 


I think I'm kind of back on business.
I needed a big break to relax and sort things out