How to change APP Logo in window

Started by Baggey, August 01, 2023, 18:15:44

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Hi, I know you can change the window title with :-

AppTitle="ZX81 Emulator"

But how does one change the AppLogo ? Which appears in the top left window.

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You simply create an ICON from your PNG with an ICON-Maker. Give this *.ICO-File the same name as your app and put it next to your *.BMX file or *.EXE-file. Next time when you start to compile your code it automatically adds the icon to your window.

now you have a small symbol in the window, but also the EXE-file looks like the PNG. And if you create a shortcut it looks like the PNG

Here an example:
1. Test.PNG ----> Test.ICO
2. both Test.BMX + Test.ICO  in the same folder
3. Start Test.BMX. Press F5 to melt it together
4. Test.BMX + Test.ICO = Test.EXE
5. No need to distribute the *.ICO-file

Graphics 800,600
Until AppTerminate()

Test.ico (inside ZIP-file) 

looks like:

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