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Author Topic: Hello Again ...... I am back writing a newer version of specdrum......3  (Read 450 times)

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Hi there ,

just letting you know that i am back writing a version of Specdrum 3 with more features , the current stage i have got to is the editor is completed and main menu is setup.

This version is also going to have a bass section ,so drums and bass playing together.
This version will have 40 drum sounds and a 4 octave bass synth , the bass synth will be using samples but bass stabs are usually about 1 -3 seconds and if i get it right can be quite effective :)

The drums this time are studio quality drums from either drum machines or live kits
in the picture below you can see the layout of the editor with 2 bars , 1 being the main cursor and the yellow is the sound cursor which can be displayed in the interface at the top of the screen.

in there you can edit the Volume , Pan and Tuning of all 40 drum sounds and eventually when the bass page has been created it should have the same interface.

Hopefully i will be working with midi in this time for the bass synth ,and on the main page there will be a keyboard displayed and you will be able to play it live via your external device. (he says faithfully) lol

here is a the pic so far........


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This version is for Windows 64bit and works with windows 11 too :)

Mac version wont be long !!!!!!!

Hello again , well i have a new version working so far you can download it from the link below

this version is a little ....... well a lot different than the SpecDrum 2 program but its based on the same principle.

This version is version 1 Alpha

There are a lot more functions too

here is a brief guide , to get you going .......

Please remember some feature are not implemented yet but most are working

when you first run the program you will be presented with the loading screen and a tune starts playing

Press Space to Start .....

Now enter the Project name ..... for now enter "Test" ... Press Enter
Now enter the div beat ..... 8 Press Enter
now enter the tick ............8 Press Enter

you will now see the main menu

A few things to notice

1) A keyboard at the bottom which is live and you can play the loaded Bass (default is Pizzacato low to high)
2) Arrow keys left and right changes the octave and the keys are shown on the screen to play , when its finished you will be able to play via a midi keyboard.
3) Menu items

To get you going please use the mouse to select load song.....

a file requester will appear now load a song in from the list say Georgia

now back on the menu you can go and have a look at the sequences both drums and bass parts

but for now just click the Play song

and you should hear the drums start and then the keyboard should be playing the bass notes

** Note ** when playing via the keyboard on your laptop or computer then keyboard synth is monophonic but when the midi keyboard is used it will be Polyphonic (he says holding his breath ) :)

There is a mock up manual built in when you click it it starts playing Kenny G - The Theme From Dying Young
Arrow keys left and right change the pages and Q to quit the help

There is a drumkit editor again in this version , a slimmed down version

here is the link

have a play let me know what you think

i can take criticism hehe but not too much haha


click the link below and on that page you will see a blue arrow on the top right

this is the download of the file

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i am currently working on the midi code and the 16 song player this will be added soon

and also i will update the help files and add more song demos along with bass sets and kits



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