Doubts with Arrays "Dynamic Arrays, On The Fly" multidimensional

Started by Rick, January 11, 2024, 00:11:56

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I have some doubts with the "Arrays" section, and I was looking at the help of the Blitzmax page.
What I have doubts is in the matrices "Dynamic Arrays, On The Fly". How can I define such a matrix, but multidimensional?

This works well:
Local int_array: int []
int_array = new int [10]

But not this:
Local int_array: int []
int_array = new int [10, 5] '-> 10x5 multidimensional

Thank you. I will surely consult you something else about arrays ...
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There is a possible solution in the cases, when you already know that your array will become a two-dimensional array:

Local int_array:Int[,]  ' prepare with a comma
int_array = New Int [10, 5] '-> 10x5 multidimensional

During investigating your question, I found a bug...

This will not raise an error message, when I run the code in RELEASE mode:
Local int_array: Int [,,]
int_array = New Int [1, 1, 2]
int_array[0,0] = 4  ' <--- call the array with one dimension too small, but no error message
Print int_array[0,0,0] + " " + int_array[0,0,1]
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I guess it is because at the end it uses a simple "1-dimensional" array and just calculates the index based on the given dimensions.
So a bit like the memory block in pixmaps (just that it is not "line + line + line" here but "dim1_value1, dim2_value1, ... dimX_value1, dim1_value2, dim2_value2, ...").

Code (Blitzmax) Select
Local int_array:Int[1,1,2]
int_array[0,0] = 4
int_array[1,0,0] = 4


Code (C) Select
BBARRAY bbt_int_array=bbArrayNew("i", 3, 1, 1, 2);
BBUINT* bbt_=((BBARRAY)bbt_int_array)->scales + 1;
((BBINT*)BBARRAYDATA(bbt_int_array,1))[(*(bbt_)) * 0U + 0U]=4;
BBUINT* bbt_2=((BBARRAY)bbt_int_array)->scales + 1;
((BBINT*)BBARRAYDATA(bbt_int_array,1))[(*(bbt_2)) * 1U + (*(bbt_2+1)) * 0U + 0U]=4;
(the "* xU" is the index used for each dimension ...)

Compiler should possibly check if the amount of "scales" in array definition and array "assignment" is the same.



I tested the code generated by Mr. Midimaster in BlitzMax "Vanilla" and the compiler warned me about the omission of dimensions, but not BlitzMax NG.
Thanks for all the information, I'm still learning things :o :D .
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