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Started by Hardcoal, March 26, 2023, 21:22:09

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I learnt 99% of things in my life by myself.. so please enough with this attacking attitude..
I dont force you to reply.. 
All im saying is when I asked about Try and Catch, In the past, I didnt get the appropriate explanation.

I dont always get answer to things I ask here..
and I get along so no worries.. TY


I assume most of us are self-taught in many areas.
It was not an "attacking attitude" - just a reply to a lazy written "I asked but nobody answered"-style blame towards us (readers and potential answer givers).
Maybe it was not your intention to sound that way but it did (at least to me).

The same way
QuoteAll im saying is when I asked about Try and Catch, In the past, I didnt get the appropriate explanation.
sounds a bit ... demanding (in context of knowing the post before). Maybe a similar language barrier than we experience from time to time too.

google: blitzmax try catch
first hit will lead you to:



Ok. sorry.

I have zero complaints, toward any of you guys.
That things was years ago.. and not on this forum anyways/

Since I learn alone I have no one around me.
I have huge gaps in my knowledge which probably causing to do rookie errors.
that would be saved if I was in an environment of other programmers.
But ill keep doing what I can.
and some of what im doing, is rather good



Don't worry, as I know you, I can handle posts like you sended it. I read more a despair than a aggression in your words.

But a adwise:
Read more carefully, what we write and react with another question if you do not understand, what we want to say. Often it is like that: On our side we think we already gave deep informations, but on your side you could not comprehend the algo. In this cases feel free to ask again and again. You can also open a PM conversation or meet us on DISCORD, where we can interact much faster.

We all have the same problems: In our real life we do not know experienced BlitzMax-Coders, where we could ask. We are alone like you. So we depend on this forum and the deep conversations, which are possible here. The aswers often come not immediately, because the expert does not understand where the problem is (for him it is no problem). Only after asking again and again does it become clear where the problem of understanding lies.

We often have the feeling, that after a post from us (derron and me) your answer often only repeats your problem, but does not respond on the code-snipplet we gave. Here we would wish to get back more "query" or "discussion".

...back from Egypt


Thanks for the comforting words.
Yea I sometimes Skip some information you Guys post. I admit.
Since my head is filled with so many things 
but even if i dont respond properly to a post.
I go back to those post even months later, so its not in vain.
Yea discord is a good idea, ill come to visit.

but in general i do make progress in all of my coding
and the best news which i already tried to say in various places is that 
Since I realized that I dont need to work on a project inside the project code.
its becoming exponentially faster. the amount of app im gonna release and with great quality 
and faster time releases.
I only wish I thought of it 10 years ago. 



Nice User interface Hardcoal :)
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I'm currently engaged in three music-related projects, all aimed at developing tools. I've transitioned my programming approach to a more generalized library method, ensuring that everything I create serves as a versatile tool applicable to various projects. I'm gradually approaching the desired milestone where I'll begin crafting the unique features I envision. As for the notation app mentioned earlier, it currently accommodates only four notes per measure, but it has the potential to evolve into a more sophisticated notation editor.


I just finished making Midi Data recorder.

In my track editor, midi subtracks and sample subtracks can be on the same Track..

anyways.. Im simply building  Tools so I can Use on future projects.
Ive managed to record Midi data Rather Wel..

As you can see. its the same piano on the same projects..

In my Track Editor theirs this thing called Wait Midi.. like in synthersizers.. it wont Start Recording before the first Piano Key is Pressed..

I dont understand all those foolish big companies who cannot implement this simple thing on their Apps.

Yet they are realising Version 12 13.

I also Made WaitSound.. which also works fine.

I wrote to Mixcraft company to implement it.. in the comunity forum.. but i got mocked by certain idiots.

I have strange ideas sometimes.. but none of them came  without thinking

I cant and not plan to make a full track editor.. (Its pointless)
I just want to show others that its possible and really not that hard

I will need help on Midi data managing in the future from anyone who is an expert at it,
but for now im contempt


Ive added Midi Editing Ability to my music tools