October 26, 2021, 04:10:15

Author Topic: [Bounty] Admob Smart Banner Ads for BlitzMax NG Android  (Read 1335 times)

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Hello Blitz and SB Community,

I just thought of putting this out there and start this bounty as I have suggested weeks ago. I'm up and really open for sharing blitz code with the community, but sometimes this just calls to pay for the bills. This is a basic implementation and just displays the ad as soon as you open your BlitzMax NG app/game and uses the Ant build. I could really use a bounty cost that is similar with this month's competition (£250) to pay for said bills.

I also thought of including this with my entry for the asteroid theme game competition, but I already have used some portions of a template so I guess that will be considered invalid or unacceptable.

I will be posting the Firepaint NG or any existing BlitzMax NG demo that is Android ready to verify the integration and another complete resource for free/open source soon just to present this as a legit bounty project.

Final deliverable will be posted in the Code Archives with complete guide and source/demo as attachment.

If anyone or some BlitzMax NG users/group is interested or have some questions, just pm me or comment and let me know.



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