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Started by William, March 11, 2023, 21:53:54

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Rpg only Torque3d style where when you turn the model with the mouse turning the mesh and the rotor of the camera follows, ?
So I am too busy in with my life, I've hadn't wrapped my head around the command code a method to implement this. in writing this I've started to visualize it. i could use some help.
The project is about a game about player ran kingdoms, Player servers scripting and matches, User characters. Second person over the shoulder camera, 3d the list goes on. runescape esque. its a project I've always wanted to do since the beginning. uses openb3d. this is the code i have so far for camera

Local camera:TCamera=CreateCamera()
PositionEntity camera,130,1,-130

Function orbitcamera(cam:TEntity,ent:TEntity,dist#)
Local piv:TPivot=CreatePivot()
PositionEntity piv,EntityX(ent),EntityY(ent),EntityZ(ent)
PositionEntity cam,EntityX(piv),EntityY(piv),EntityZ(piv)
RotateEntity cam,0,0,0
MoveEntity cam,0,0,-dist
EntityParent cam,piv
TurnEntity piv,Float(MouseXSpeed())*0.6,Float(MouseYSpeed())*0.6,Float(MouseZSpeed())*0.6 'play around with this however you like
'EntityParent cam,0
'Freeentity piv

End Function
its a continuation of the thread

I''m trying implement basic things right now. Can you help?
im still interested in oldschool app/gamedev