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Started by wadmixfm, March 03, 2024, 15:40:34

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The miniaudio mod in windows , does it support Asio drivers natively , everytime i run it on my laptop it states wasapi which is a wdm version of asio for windows and its very glitchy , i have a device that uses asio and the mod detects it in the list but i can't select it

here is the debug bit :)

length of  context 664 
DEBUG: Loading library: ole32.dll
DEBUG: Loading symbol: CoInitializeEx
DEBUG: Loading symbol: CoUninitialize
DEBUG: Loading symbol: CoCreateInstance
DEBUG: Loading symbol: CoTaskMemFree
DEBUG: Loading symbol: PropVariantClear
DEBUG: Loading symbol: StringFromGUID2
DEBUG: Loading library: user32.dll
DEBUG: Loading symbol: GetForegroundWindow
DEBUG: Loading symbol: GetDesktopWindow
DEBUG: Loading library: advapi32.dll
DEBUG: Loading symbol: RegOpenKeyExA
DEBUG: Loading symbol: RegCloseKey
DEBUG: Loading symbol: RegQueryValueExA
DEBUG: Attempting to initialize WASAPI backend...
DEBUG: Loading library: kernel32.dll
DEBUG: Loading symbol: VerifyVersionInfoW
DEBUG: Loading symbol: VerSetConditionMask
DEBUG: [miniaudio] Endian:  LE
DEBUG: [miniaudio] SSE2:    YES
DEBUG: [miniaudio] AVX2:    NO
DEBUG: [miniaudio] AVX512F: NO
DEBUG: [miniaudio] NEON:    NO
Registering thread id: 18384
list of playback devices:
0 - Speaker/HP (Realtek High Definition Audio) 
1 - Speakers (USB Audio CODEC ) 
list of capture devices:
0 - Microphone Array (Realtek High Definition Audio)
1 - Microphone (USB Audio CODEC )
** end of context *************************
ID=0: Microphone Array (Realtek High Definition Audio)
ID=1: Microphone (USB Audio CODEC )

any info would be great thanks


Yes its really me :)


and also - resampling is always set to off can this be overridden??

 list of playback devices:
0 - Speaker/HP (Realtek High Definition Audio) 
1 - Speakers (USB Audio CODEC ) 
list of capture devices:
0 - Microphone Array (Realtek High Definition Audio)
1 - Microphone (USB Audio CODEC )
** end of context *************************
DEBUG: [WASAPI] Trying IAudioClient3_InitializeSharedAudioStream(actualPeriodInFrames=480)
DEBUG:    defaultPeriodInFrames=480
DEBUG:    fundamentalPeriodInFrames=480
DEBUG:    minPeriodInFrames=480
DEBUG:    maxPeriodInFrames=480
DEBUG: [WASAPI] Using IAudioClient3
DEBUG:    periodSizeInFramesOut=480
Registering thread id: 17540
INFO:  Speakers (USB Audio CODEC ) (Playback)
INFO:    Format:      32-bit IEEE Floating Point -> 32-bit IEEE Floating Point
INFO:    Channels:    5 -> 2
INFO:    Sample Rate: 48000 -> 48000
INFO:    Buffer Size: 480*3 (1440)
INFO:    Conversion:
INFO:      Pre Format Conversion:    NO
INFO:      Post Format Conversion:  NO
INFO:      Channel Routing:          YES
INFO:      Resampling:              NO
INFO:      Passthrough:              NO
Yes its really me :)


you can search here for deeper informations about possible Backends:


As far as I know, there is no support for ASIO

...back from Egypt


Thanks Midimaster :)

i have looked into the resampling thing - apparently wasapi has to communicate on the same frequency 
i.e 44000khz so for example if i load in 96000khz samples wasapi will only play them at 44khz but wont resample them to 96khz 

but i have found this 

wasapi.noAutoConvertSRC - according to the site you sent me too there is a flag to set from disabled to true and its supposed to trick it too converting but they say its in the config file ? i can't find this anywhere.

another little fix was that the wasapi driver defaults to 48000khz on most hardware like laptops , now all have done is change the laptop to 44000khz and everything seems ok

before the samples i used were mushy sort of wishy washy sounding and then changing the system to match the samples everything is perfect.

i can't expect every user if any that will use my program to set the system to 44000khz , so maybe its a little update from me to change all the samples to 48000khz instead at least that way windows 64bit users will have decent quality samples playing back.

My mac version is perfect everything is as it should i am using catalina and opencore audio is amazing why can't windows do something like that :)


Yes its really me :)