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Author Topic: Create a game that allows you to create the game  (Read 1128 times)

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Create a game that allows you to create the game
« on: June 17, 2019, 16:23:35 »
Hello how are you?

In my free time, I always dream of projects that seem impossible to develop. but then with the passing of time, I start to develop them and boom! It was a question of doing it.

My most recent desire is to create a game that allows me to create the game from within the game. and that this game is updatable using sub-programs that would function as clients of the main game.

Then I thought, how to solve the dilemma that generates me to update a version of my software, and how to generate new content without updating the main software.

I thought about communicating the main program with subprograms, and that the exchange of data has the same performance as a function within the code.

I give you an example:

if inside my boat, I have a RADAR, in the main game I only have one object with radar, buttons and screen. when I turn it on, I start an external program (radar.exe), which shares information with the main program.

my subprogram, receives data, which buttons were pressed, positions of knobs, etc, and then generates an image that would be what appears on the screen. which is loaded by the main program as a texture.

Then, I thought, if I make a computer in the game, I could use the same system, but what would happen if the sub-program was a windows-virtual, in which I load blitz3d and I can compile codes from the game to create sub- programs, as well as modeling 3D objects from the same game using a screen-to-texture sharing system. and communicating keyboard and mouse inputs.

This image is of the game that I am developing that inspired me with this crazy idea.

This image is from another project, a naval simulator that I have been developing for years. Each instrument, gauge or object that is seen, is an independent object that receives data from internal or external files, my idea is to apply the same concept.

I believe that it is a concept that is feasible to do with Blitz3d, in only one language in which to program.
if there is something that blitz has is to give me the possibility of overcoming its own limitations with its own tools, the simplesa may be its essence.

What do you think? Do you think it is delirium or is it possible?
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Re: Create a game that allows you to create the game
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2019, 12:28:38 »
i think that it is doable, i have talked about a similar system in the past, but is was more to debug a multi users / players program, offline, on only one computer.
there would be a main program (like a server) which is always running, and others programs (like clients) which could be running or not.
the main program will manage everything and the others programs would get the inputs / actions from users / players.
and they would communicate via files similar to packets...
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