Blitz3D has been updated

Started by Xerra, April 13, 2024, 12:47:01

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Itch.IO update

Just click the link. Mark Sibly has done some updates to it because he's using it for his new 3d library.

I've never tried Blitz3D before. Might have a tinker if it works better with modern systems now.
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Latest game -


I will checked it now :) thanks letting everyone Know about the New Updated :)


I wrote my first game with Blitz3D for the PC, very simple but worked good, 2D of course. It took me about 6 weeks to write in late 2017 November. I think now six years on I would do the same thing in a day I should think. If Blitz3D gets modernized I may consider using it again.
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@Xerra >> thanks for the info / link  :)


you might prefer to download 1.112 instead (aka another update to fix some regression)



I recall there was some "issues" post-v1.08 due to the open sourcing of B3d not being permissable with the fmod licensing or something, so fmod had to be licensed separately if you had simply downloaded the 'free' B3D

I purchased an original disc back in v.47 or so, is there anything special required concerning the freeimage and fmod libraries with the latest 112 version?


Someone asked Mark about this very thing last week (for a different reason) and he responded thus:

Quote from: Mark Sibly
QuoteBlitz3D on exists in a kind of limbo re FMOD licensing

I cleared the use of FMOD with the author before going open source with the various blitzes back in the day, and he was happy with it being included in the open source releases, in fact he was a huge help tracking down a static lib for the dll. It was I believe the last in the line FMOD3 releases and is not even available from FMOD any more, it's unique to Blitz I believe, and of course it's still closed source.

Hope that helps.
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