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AGK Studio is available on Steam right now for £31.59  . I've been using it for a few months now and think it really is very good especially for the sale price . I believe this to be the price until the first week in August. Just thought I would put it out there . I've played around with a few languages  in the last 3 years or so and this one is really very nice . I finished off a game that I started in AGK classic did another from scratch and am in the middle of another one . I know there are free options out there and that's how I started with Blitz 3d however it is nice to be using something that is current and will be supported for some time to come and I think it will be fully supported by windows 11. Anyway that's it from me just thought I would inform whoever stumbles upon this forum of the excellent offer from TGC right now.

Used AGK for a few years now and still enjoy using it. It's very easy to learn and although some find the language too basic I've personally not found anything missing, language wise, which has caused stumbling blocks.

It's always on sale and worth grabbing fo the price as it's paid for itself 1000's of times over with the fun I have with it.

Yes indeed I used to think the harder a language to learn the better it was but no longer think that way . I don't think that Pure Basic is that much different it also has around 1500 commands but I think AGK Studio is better to work with and if you catch it on sale is half the price or less. I have classic as well but much prefer Studio. I did use Pure Basic for a couple of months and some things it does really well such as detecting collisions between Entities and there were the pain in the arse stuff like initiate keyboard examine keyboard . It was quite easy to swap from AGK to Pure Basic though but in the end I know AGK better and in the most part I prefer the syntax. Not easy really you still need a brain but easier to  learn and a nicer language than many. Have a nice evening , may the force be with you.

Yep - a bargain, most indie coding pleasure I've had since Blitz3D, its almost caused me to never look back!  Time spend coding this year so far:

AGK:  Probs 98%
B3D:  2% at a push....... :o

My first proper PC game was written in Blitz3D and from there onto AGK Classic . I really think Studio is a fair bit better than Classic same language better performance if you like Vulkan and a nicer IDE. I did run into a speed issue with it though in my latest game , I was down to 25 fps so optimized as much as I could and got it upto 55 fps . Not quite good enough . As a last resort I decided to increase my ram from 8 to 16 gb and it worked a treat by just about doubling my frame rate and that was with slightly slower ram . So now I have about 110 fps and all I've got to do now is add the bullets and I'm nearly done (for the first level anyway). This is with around a thousand objects and quite a bit of animation in the environment.  It will not let me add anymore objects right now until I delete a few . Comes up with an error something 2 buffer. Thanks for reading . use the force.


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