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Setvsync(1) not working in "Basic" mode


Good news in that I now understand what is going on . If I use setwindowsize (1920,1080,0) and setvsync(1) in "Basic" mode everything is great , however if I use setwindowsize(1920,1080,1) for full screen in "Basic" mode with setvsync(1) then it will only give me 48 fps or there abouts . For some reason it doesn't work in full screen . I don't know why but I do know under what circumstances it does not behave correctly . so there we are it does work but only in windowed mode of any resolution but does not in full screen mode. This is only in "Basic" mode in "Advanced" it is fine . What I don't know is if anybody else has the same problem, if you do then please make me aware so I know and can post this on github TGC and explain the problem in more detail. I was thinking my computer was not upto it but am now sure it is a bug .
@ Qube . The reason I realized this is your code was not in full screen and mine was and that was the only difference I could see. Took a while to sink in though.


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