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Re: Amazon
« Reply #15 on: May 04, 2021, 09:03:20 »
after a quick look, you need to understand that it is not necessary to have too many details (vertices and triangles) for small shapes, because they will only fill a small area of the screen.

for example the 2 spheres used for the antennas, don't require so many vertices and triangles.

same remark for textures : if the texture will be applied on a small shape, it will only fill a small area of the screen, and therefore the texture does not need to have a high resolution (width x height)

also learn about the concept of making sure to have (almost) uniform texels size when uvmapping.
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Re: Amazon
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Well I've given Amazon the sack and won't be bothering with them again and removed my app from their store. Not one download in ten days and it was free , maybe that's why. I think is the place to be although sales are not that great I do get a regular stream of downloads . On my account they are either free or a $ and I do have a few right now. I might try and trade them for the kenney software on there it's only $3.99
and I feel it might be useful for some models . I'll see what else is out there first. Wings3d is my thing I guess I'm just getting comfortable with it and it's better for me than Blender as not so complicated . I was thinking of using the kenney software then putting it through wings3d to do the finishing touches . Might be possible.
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