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Well I have only just realized the AGK .EXE files are the interpreter and not a real exe file and it's been staring me in the face for 3 years . I do feel a bit cheated . I guess all you guys on here have known this from the start but there you go . Somebody said something on the TGC forum and it just hit home . I guess it's still the same AGK I've always known but there you go .

In a way it does make sense and I think it's a better way of doing it than the java way of doing things as it doesn't have to be pre installed and is portable . I suppose it's pretty obvious really I just never really thought about it before . The program still works properly i.e when you double click the exe file in the folder it runs no problem . On TGC's side of things I guess disguising the interpreter as an EXE file was very clever . I think this is probably old news so won't mention it again . Have a nice evening .

I found that out when I made a level editor for a game and then tried putting it in the same folder of the game, the main EXE will always run the bytecode.byc file in the media folder.


--- Quote from: steve_ancell on June 25, 2021, 02:53:22 ---[...] the main EXE will always run the bytecode.byc file in the media folder.

--- End quote ---

They should have at least offered "whatever.exe" toload "whatever.byc" ... They could even have packed the .byc stuff in their .exe file - on Windows this should work, others might have trouble with signing their binaries then (mac OS).


AGK Exe Files size is so bloated.

Purebasic or Freebasic is the king of Smaller Exe :) then there is PowerBasic(I am not  sure if is dead or alive Lanaguge thought!)


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