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Here is a nice app I have found to hide the media file after trying many .

It says it's freewear so should be fine to put it up here . I have tested it and it works a treat . There are ways around it but that's always the case.
I must of tried upwards of 20 of these types of app and this is the only one that really works . Enjoy your day.

The only flaw I have found is if you open the zip file to see what's in it but if you right click on the zip and extract straight away it will not show the media file .

  Anyway what I've just tried is this hide the media file in the folder . Right click on the folder ( you'll need 7zip) click on 7zip then archive then choose the wim file extension . I just uploaded one of my games this way and when downloaded the media file is still hidden and people cannot poke around in the wim file . Not sure what other zip programs implement this . I've wanted to be able to do this for some time (years) and now have a solution.

I did a full virus scan and it's coming up clean with no bad stuff.


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